Aquaspa Spa Shock, by Lo-Chlor (500ml)


Chlorine and bromine free.


AquaSpa Spa Shock is a non chlorine oxidiser that is used to remove organic micro particles and residues. Left untreated, these particles and residues can cause cloudy or green water.


With AquaSpa, maintaining your spa is a simple 3 STEP process:


  1. Add AquaSpa Spa Sanitiser once per week at 60ml per 1,000L
  2. Add Aquaspa Spa Kleer once per week at 60ml per 1,000 L
  3. Add Aquaspa Spa Shock once per week at 20gms per 1,000L



When adding chemicals, run the spa cleaning cycle.

Chemicals should be added 30 mins apart


SKU: AQS750 (GTIN: 9358534000388)

Aquaspa Spa Shock, by Lo-Chlor (500ml)

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