Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid-Size Chlorinator


The self-cleaning, Zodiac Ei Xpert Chlorinator is simple to use and is designed for easy, straight out of the box installation. 


The Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid-Size Chlorinator has 2 preset modes for summer & winter or it also allows you to set your own timers to suit individual needs.


Zodiac Ei Xpert Chlorinator:


  • Maximum pool size 70,000L (for smaller pools up to 40,000L - Use the Ei Xpert Compact model)
  • Low maintenance, reversing electrode
  • Salt Levels - Min 4,000ppm & Max 10,000ppm
  • Robust and durable, long-life power supply
  • Easy-to-use controls, with set-and-forget timers


Warranty - 3 years on power pack and cell


Zodiac Model: WW000141 (GTIN: 9358534000296)

Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid-Size Chlorinator

SKU: WW000141
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